Frequently Bought Together

Add Amazon-like 'Frequently Bought Together' product recommendations to your store in less than 5 minutes

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Frequently Bought Together

Amazon-Style Upsell Feature

Make it easier for your customers to spend more with this upselling feature. This add-on displays related or bundled Products in a "Frequently Bought Together" carousel beneath the main Product detail, just like on Amazon. It’s perfect for selling related items (such as cover cases for mobile phones).
Our product recommendation system will automatically create the bundles for you. No manual editing needed at all!

  • 100% automated, no manual product relationships
  • No complex file editing
  • Works on mobile devices
  • Installed in 5 minutes
  • Available for PrestaShop, OpenCart and custom API integrations
  • Custom integrations (i.e email) can be done with our API
Features & Benefits
Upsell & Cross Sell
Upsell and cross-sell features are staples on the biggest ecommerce sites. Add that functionality to your same site.
Sell Bundled Products
Sell Products that go together, or Products with accessories like cases or batteries? Direct customers to everything they need with this add-on.
Improve Average Order Value
Simultaneously reduce time to checkout and increase Average Order Value by encouraging customers to spend more without ever leaving the Product page.
UX Must-Have
This add-on improves the user experience for stores across industries. It’s a simple way to add sophistication and interactivity to your site.

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