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Personalize your store for each customer and boost your sales up to 25%

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100% Automatic Cross Selling

We translate your website user interactions into data points. From those data points we create product bundles and product recommendations which you can integrate into your website as widgets. Look & feel can be 100% customised.

Product bundles

Some products are often bought together, like a laptop plus a laptop bag. We will automatically discover and offer those combinations to your customers.


Product recommendations

Our Item-Item product recommendations will give more visibility to those products that are more likely to be sold together with the given product


Personalize your store for each customer

We will provide you with widgets for:

Last viewed products (current visitor)

Most frequently visited products (current visitor)

Trending products on your site

Last viewed products

Simple onboarding process

Just a few clicks. No complex file editing involved!

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    Install & configure our extension
    Here is a video explaining how (aprox 3min)
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    Wait about 24h

    We need about 24h to crunch your data

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Other features

It suits your needs

Out of the box you will get a fast and easy to customize integration


Our extensions work perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Your look & feel

You can change the look & feel to match your site

GDPR ready

We do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) data from your customers. Learn more

Excellent support

We provide excellent email support on all our plans

POS integration

If your online shop doesn't generate enough data yet don't worry. We can consume data directly from your POS

Open Source

Our extensions are 100% Open Source




50.000 product recommendations
Last viewed products
Frequently visited products

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per month

485.000 recommendations
Extra recommendations: 0,40 € per 1000
All starter plan features


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