POS data integration

We build Cross Selling bundles and recommendations from your sales data. If your online shop does not yet produce enough data we can not create recommendations. However, we can grab information from other places instead of your online shop so, if you happen to have an offline shop be can use that data.

How does it work?

If your POS has Windows as its operating system and stores data in MySql (ask your POS vendor) we are lucky!. We have built a Windows program that can export data from your POS directly into our systems. If this is your case check out our Export Tool.

If this is not the case you still have a way to export data from your POS. We have an "export API", an interface your POS vendor or any other developer can use to implement the necessary functionality to upload your data to Shoptimiza.

Our API documentation can be found here. We will provide support at no charge to your POS vendor or any other developer.