Export Tool

This document is part of our technical documentation. It is intended for POS vendors and developers

Our Export Tool will help shop owners to use their POS data instead of their online shop data. This can be useful when the online shop does not generate enough data yet.

Once installed and configured the tool will upload sales data to our servers every 7 days. You can see what kind of data is exported here. In order to setup the tool the user will be asked for:

  • Shoptimiza credentials
  • MySql connection string
  • An SQL query that returns pairs of order id, product id
  • [Optional] Product mapping configuration
This solution will only work if there is some relationship between the POS and the online shop. I.e the POS has some "export to online store" feature. Otherwise we can not tell how the online products correlate to POS products

MySql connection string

Just the standard MySql connection string. Something like:


SQL query

An SQL query that selects all line items (items purchased) and their corresponding order id. It is really important to select order id as "oid" and product id as "iid". Sample code below:

SELECT order_id as oid, product_id as iid FROM line_items ORDER BY oid;

If the POS product IDs (iid) does not match website product IDs please read the "Product mapping configuration" below.

[Optional] Product mapping configuration

If the products have same ID in the online store and POS ignore this section

We can only create recommendations for the online store from POS data if we can match the products on both platforms. In most cases product IDs do not match between both platforms. If the correlation is stored on the online shop, the Export Tool can fetch it and translate the previously generated "iid" with the corresponding online shop ID.

The configuration wizard will display two select inputs (POS Id, website Id) populated with table fields. Those fields belong to the (website) table "products".

It is not a problem if you are using a table different than "products" to store your POS IDs. The source table can be changed at the extension configuration.


If you need any support please contact our support team at support@shoptimiza.com

Downloading and install

Download the program from here